Reuben Gonzales - City Council Member

909-253-5109Reuben GonzalesReuben Gonzales was born and raised in the city of Banning. Graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Marketing and started his first business in 2017 called "Crayvingz", which was a website he built for residents to place their food orders on and his drivers would deliver the food to their homes. Reuben was able to expand his business into 5 cities. His passion became clear that he had a heart for local businesses, so he started his 2nd business, called "Alogrow Communications," where he has been able to help hundreds of businesses & organizations with their marketing strategy. Due to his growing love for the business community, he was asked to become the Executive Director for the Banning Chamber in 2021, where he has been able to serve his community and provide the city with family fun events, resources for businesses and bringing the community together. Most recently Reuben was installed and elected to serve on the Banning City Council on December 13th, 2022, where he can continue to create positive change in the city of Banning and the pass area.


Elected to City Council November 2022
Current Term Ends December 2026
District 4



district 4