Public Information Officer

Anthony Riley first began his career opposite actor Jim Carrey in 1992 on the hit television series, “In living Color.” The episode “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” became one of the most popular and highly rated episodes of the series. Anthony graduated from USC in 1996 and had the opportunity to pursue coursework in the film department, while working for Spelling Television. 

From 1992-1997 Anthony worked as a day player & actor, finally working with the second unit camera Dept. throughout the successful run of the FOX hit show Melrose Place, as well as Model’s Inc., Beverly Hills 90210, Pacific Palisades, and the X-Files. In 1996 he departed for Paramount Studios to work on various feature films including Clear and Present Danger starring Harrison Ford, The Brady Bunch and Star Trek. 

In 2001, Anthony won the California on Location’s Award for his work with underprivileged children through the non-profit The Performing Arts Educational Foundation. 

Anthony worked for the County Board of Supervisors in San Bernardino County from 2004-2010 serving as District Director, Analyst, and Communications Director for former 4th District County Supervisor Gary Ovitt.

In addition, he served as Economic Development Director for the San Bernardino County Airports Division from 2008-2009 overseeing the Chino Airport redevelopment project, where he had the privilege of inviting and hosting fellow Screen Actors Guild member Harrison Ford- former President of the Young Eagles Association to help kick off the opening ceremonies.

Anthony was elected to the Hesperia Unified School Board from 2008-2012 and helped to secure ongoing funding for performing arts programs districtwide during his term. 

Anthony served as the City of Barstow’s Public Information Officer from 2012-2019, and later as multi-media consultant through 2022; Anthony recently joined the City of Banning in April of 2023. 

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    Anthony Riley

    Public Information Officer