Community Development Department

Phone: 951 922-3125

What We Do

The Planning Division has the responsibility of maintaining the City's physical environment by monitoring the various components that impact the quality of life for residents. It is primarily concerned with providing services that promote the community's short and long term interests by fostering quality development in both its residential and commercial areas. It informs the community regarding the State of California regulations that concern development. 
This Division provides staff assistance to the City Council, Planning Commission, City Attorney, and City Manager. It assists the City Council and Planning Commission when reviewing applications for Design Review permits, Use permits, Variances, and Subdivisions, just to name a few. It is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and periodically updating the City's General Plan and its elements, the Zoning Ordinance, and the various development standards with the ultimate goal of promoting development beneficial to the residents and community.
Planning Division staff strives to provide the best possible service to the public in a way that will maximize the applicant's potential for success and result in a mutually beneficial development that will contribute to the overall well-being of the community and its residents. 
The Planning division staff provides services and conducts activities which guide the City's orderly development by:
  • Applying the current zoning codes
  • Facilitating development
  • Implementing community plans
  • Preserving architectural and historic landmarks.
  • Providing information on: 

    Land use
    Site development standards
    General plan policies
    Council directed study issues 

Additionally, it enforces the City's development ordinances and permit conditions. The Division is also involved in assisting the public with the processing of development applications with the primary goal of creating quality and orderly development. The Planning Division processes applications for discretionary planning permits for development projects proposed by private individuals and undertakes the preparation of advanced planning projects such as plan and ordinance amendments. Each day the Planning Division receives a large number of requests for planning information from the public. In order to provide this information, the Community Development Department also maintains a public counter at City Hall that is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, to respond to requests via telephone, email and regular mail.