City Attorney

Office of the City Attorney
Program Description and Purpose
The City Attorney represents the City Council and City staff in all matters of law pertaining to their offices. The City Attorney represents and appears on behalf of the City and its officers in civil actions and proceedings.

In addition to attending all regular City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and other meetings as required, the City Attorney reviews all necessary legal documents such as:
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Ordinances and resolutions
  • Performs legal research
  • Prepares opinions
The City Attorney for the City is appointed by the City Council on a contractual basis. The City Attorney for the City of Banning is contracted by the City to act as general counsel in the operation of City government. As general counsel for a public agency, the City Attorney is prohibited from providing any form of legal service to private citizens, unless the matter pertains directly to the administration of City government. Legal Links